Guang-Xing Li – 李广兴

Associate Professor of Astrophysics at South-Western Institute for Astronomical Research, Yunnan University, Yunnan, China

Research interests: Astrophysical dynamics, Interstellar medium and star formation, Computational astrophysics

Email: gxli [At]

Education and past employments:

Independent Postdoctoral Researcher at Computational ASTrophysics Group, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany, with Prof. Andreas Burkert (2014-2018)

PhD Candidate at Max-Planck Institut Fuer Radioastronomy, Bonn, Germany, with Prof. Karl Menten, Dr. Friedrich Wyrowski (2010-2014)

Graduate student at Astronomy Department (No. 22), University of Science and Technology, Hefei, China, with Prof. Ye-Fei Yuan (2007-2010)

Undergraduate student at Peking University, with Prof. Ren-Xin Xu (2003-2007)