Photo Credit: Guang-Xing

G-virial method

Gravity is one fundamental force in nature. In molecular interstellar medium, it is responsible for collecting gas from larger to smaller scales and finally into stars. However the relative importance of gravity with respect to other factors e.g. turbulence and magnetic field at various scales reamins unclear.

We have proposed a new G-virial method which estimates the importance of gravity based on observational data. The method can be used to identify gravitationally-coherent regions in the position-position-velocity space and to quantify the properties of the regions.

3D animation of Perseus molecular cloud from Guang-Xing on Vimeo.



Left: A visualisation of the Perseus molecular cloud. Blue color stands for the 13CO(1-0) emission and red color stands for the G-virial, which is a measure of the importance of gravity. Right: Mass-radius relations derived with the G-virial.

The method is available here.